Activity Accreditation


Association Management Executives, Inc. is affiliated with the Southern Alliance for Physician Specialties CME (SAPS CME) in order to provide accredited CME for participating client members.

The Southern Alliance for Physician Specialties CME (SAPS CME) is an organization made up of representatives from numerous physician specialty societies, the purpose of which is to bring together a cohesive unit to provide consistent, quality CME in a variety of activities.  Each of the specialties represented have extensive experience in conducting CME activities.  SAPS CME will offer a variety of activities with a specified target audience.

The Southern Alliance for Physician Specialties CME program seeks to provide healthcare professionals with education that is vital to the quality and patient safety of the patients for whom they provide care.  SAPS CME Program, therefore, goes beyond the traditional administrative and accrediting functions of medical education, and challenges itself to become a catalyst, advocate for, and a provider of education that promotes change, development and improvement.  Its purpose is to provide high-quality, evidence-based educational opportunities that are designed to advance physician competence, enhance practice performance, promote patient safety, and improve patient outcomes.

To learn more about Joint Providership or to become a member of SAPS CME, visit or contact Dr. Julie Hunt.